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This painting is deeply rooted in Muna’s personal experience when her grandfather was sick, as she would spend most of her time at the hospital with her family. It was through art that she was able to cope and express her feelings. Today, this painting can be found in the Ministry of sport and culture of Qatar

ھ اھنأ ث كو .ىفشتسملا يف ھثوكمو اھدج ضرم ةرتف نم ةاحوتسم تنا لف ،ينفلا لمعلا اذھ جاتنلإ اھعفد ام لھلأاو يھ ھل اھتارایز م دجوت .اھتاشرف ىوس اھرعاشم نع ریبعتلل ةلیسو دجت هذھ .رطق يف ةضایرلاو ةفاقثلا ةرازو يف نلآا ةحوللا

  • First prize on the 2nd youth saloon, 2007

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size 3 x 2 m
medium oil & Pastel on wood

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